A24 Films to stream ‘The Green Knight’ for one night only

A24 Films has announced that they will be doing a one-night only streaming event of their most recent release ‘The Green Knight’. The film is currently in theaters, but due to increasing COVID cases and an increase hesitancy for those to venture out to public gatherings, the production house has decided to enable folks the opportunity to catch the movie from the comfort of their living room (or home theaters).

The film follows the story of Gawain, an Arthurian knight, who boldly embarks on a deadly challenge with the The Green Knight, an mythic creature who appears one night in King Arthur’s court.. The story that follows are the twists and turns of Gawain’s epic quest to both challenge the green creature but also his own destiny.

The film has had a significant amount of buzz around it and is a strong contender for award ceremonies in the coming year.

This stream is ojnly availble to U.S. households. More information, pricing and details on how to gain access can be found over at The Screening Room on A24’s site.

The Screening Room at A24 Films

Editor’s Note: We absolutely support movie production companies enabling folks who may not comfortable heading out to the theater’s in the current times, we are also encouraging folks to patronize their local theaters if you are able to do so safely.